Connected Beehives

Hi Kaiser,

This seems like a very useful project for monitoring beehive populations. Especially since bees play such an important role in ecosystems. When you have some screenshots of the Cayenne dashboard, and pictures of the Pi ‘out in the field’, do you think you can also upload them here?

Seems like you are waiting for some of the new features that Cayenne will be releasing like video streaming, new devices, and the location widgets too. These are coming!

Did you plan on adding Arduino to this at all?

P.S., you will eventually be able to package this solution to other beekeepers who might also benefit from the work you are doing. Just a thought! In case you haven’t read this post… Packaging Cayenne as app to sell products

Thanks for letting us know what you are working on, it really helps us visualize the use cases that we want Cayenne to enable :slight_smile:


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