Weather Monitoring System

About This Project

The goal of this project is to make a temperature/humidity monitor that wirelessly logs the temperature and humidity to a remote server. We will use an Arduino Uno (or clone), a DHT11, an ESP8266, and Cayenne Applications for this project. This is a great project to start using the ESP8266 for some basic data logging so let’s get started!

What’s Connected

  2. ESP8266
  4. DHT11

Dashboard Screenshots

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I am also planning to build a project similar to this one— a greenhouse. Can I just ask where is the continuation of this?

Cool project! Can you please submit the code that you used to read data from the DHT11 :slight_smile:

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Hey @blanket, thanks for joining the Cayenne Community.

If you search the older threads here, and visit our Projects page you’ll see a number of users who have built greenhouse/growbox/plant monitoring and automation projects with Cayenne. We’ve got a bit of a green thumb!

Please use us a resource for discussion your project ideas or any trouble/questions you have with Cayenne.

Thanks for the warmth welcome. Im planning to create a project like a Greenhouse but I want it to be online. The user can control all the actions inside the greenhouse and reads and sends data to the sensors, all via a webpage. Is it possible in cayenne? Any recommendations, thoughts, and links are highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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This is very much possible with Cayenne, and one of our stronger use cases. With Arudino you can add any sensor you want, not just the ones in our web UI, and we’ll be launching a similar feature for Raspberry Pi users as well shortly.

For a starting point, I’d take a look at some of these user projects where they used Cayenne as part of automated/online growing systems. Not all may be exactly what you’re looking to build but will give you ideas for how people tackled the various components of a greenhouse like watering, temperature and humidity monitoring, etc.

:arrow_down: Our recent contest winner! :arrow_down:


Great project, I am making a similar one and I have problems with the ESP8266 module, you could share the code.
Thank you.