Connecting a pH, EC, DO, and temperature probe to a raspberry Pi


I am starting a new DIY project revolving around building my own hydroponic garden. I am using the project as an excuse to finally make use of a raspberry Pi that I have had sitting around my house for a while. The only issue is I am new to these devices and while I expect a large learning curve, I am wondering if anyone here has had success with hooking up these 4 probes to a rPI, or Aruduino for that matter.


Whats DO? Dissolved O2? The ph probe is going to be a tough one. Ive been looking for one and there are a overwhelming amount of choices. This is the one I am looking at for starters anyway. It says one type is for continued submersion and one isnt. This page details it well.

Yeah. Dissolved O2. and thanks for the link!

Can you give more information about the probes that you want to connect ?

Hey @ognqn.chikov,

I am still looking through the literature to find the best probes ( best meaning most bang for buck). I just need accurate sensors that tell me the water quality of my nutrient reserve.

I have never used any than of Spanish producer, but they come with their additional platform.