Connecting Arduino Uno with Proximity Sensor to Cayenne

Hello Cayenne Community,

I am currently working on a project where I’m making a simple game using an Arduino Uno and a proximity sensor. Everytime the ball passes the hoop the proximity sensor will trigger and the player will receive a point. We were planning to send a notification after the game stating which player earned the most points but this is outside of the scope of my project. However, I believe with Cayenne it should be fairly simple to do.

My question is: to connect my Arduino Uno to Cayenne, I know I have to use a Wifi breakout (I have the Adafruit 2999) to configure the Arduino to Cayenne. However, do I also need to manually configure the proximity sensor as a separate device or will Cayenne be able to automatically know and configure all the sensors connected to my Arduino?


  • Andrew

You can confugure the sensor autonomously, or you can use this sensor directly in Cayenne.
Here you can see the supported hardware: If your sensor is one of them, you can use the sensor directly.