Connecting thru Private LoRa network


How to manage sensor connected to private Gateway to Cayenne.


Is there an update to this question? I would also like to do this.


Sorry that this didn’t get an answer the first time around, both!

I suspect the answer is that this isn’t currently supported, but tagging @croczey to confirm. We do support some LoRa network options that are free like The Things Network if cost is your reason for this.

If we can’t do it now, I’ll add it to our Product Roadmap for future consideration.


@thiery @bbush

We have plans to push out a generic network server endpoint so that you can POST from your own network server if you follow the API documentation.

However, this is not yet released.

What you can do, for now, is follow our Bring Your Own Thing documentation and connect your gateway or network server to Cayenne over MQTT.

I hope this helps!