Getting started with LoRa and Cayenne


Hello everyone!

I have been using Cayenne with a few battery powered ESP8266 devices to monitor temperature and must say I love the simplicity of the platform and using triggers. I would now like to move over to using LoRa for a more battery saving solution. But the documentation seems to be spread a little bit here and there.

From my understanding, I will need nodes to measure the temperature that connect to a gateway that’s in turn connected to a network that can send and receive data to and from Cayenne. Building nodes seems to be quite simple and I think I understand that part. The gateway can either be bought or made. I think the solution of using a Raspberry Pi seems like a combination of cheap, simple and well documented solution. What most guides recommend is to connect the gateway to The Things Network. I love the idea of a Public Network and would like to contribute to that. But for my project to remotely measure temperature, I think I will start a company since I have had some request from various rental businesses wanting this solution. From my understanding The Things Network can be used by companies but I would like to have a Private Network for the project. This is where I lack good documentation.

So what I would like is to know if it is possible to create a Raspberry Pi gateway connected thru a Private Network to Cayenne to view sensor data from nodes in a dashboard way like I’ve used for the ESP8266? And if so, is there a step-by-step guide for this or a number of guides that will connect the dots for me?

I apologize if this has been answered here before but I didn’t find anything. I also hope this can help other people as others must have wondered the same! Thanks in advance and it is a great service you provide!