Controlling miilight bulbs



I have just stumbled across Cayenne and it looks really cool. I am new to Raspberry Pi and am looking to setup some home automation, this seems to be a good dashboard solution.

I have 4 Miilight led rgbw lights in my house that I can control with the Miilight android app. Is it possible to connect these to my Pi and so through the Cayenne platform?



Assuming you can have a ‘run shell command’ extension (I’ve not yet set up cayenne), there is plenty of documentation for controlling milights from your shell. See github project


Brilliant - Thanks for you help, I will give this a try.


Doesn’t look like it’s possible. I’ve made the suggestion.


Thats a shame - thanks both


Hey there,

When we open up the Cayenne API you should be able to bring your lights into the Cayenne platform. We’ll have a widget where you can change the color too.

I suppose you could attach a relay to the Pi that controls the outlet that your bulb is connected to…but that almost seems like taking a step backwards lol.




Thanks for stopping by. Would it be possible to create a shell command extension? That would allow for us to bring all sorts of new things into the Cayenne environment. I’m doing a lot of automation between various systems with GETs and POSTs and it would be nice to have these be on my dashboard.

See Shell command as extension


Agree and look forward to some options within the Pi to initiate automatic control using shell script activation, py script execution and update / control of outputs from the triggers. Schedule like control from triggers etc.

~ Andrew