Lighting control


About This Project

Over a number of years, I have been tinkering with my raspberry pi on and off not relay crating anything that had any real-world application.
But like most blokes when a problem comes along not just happy with a simple switch to turn on a light or buy a better control for the boiler,
so I decided the humble raspberry pi was the way forward so for a few years I’ve been renewing all my home wiring getting it up to scratch and bringing all the lighting back to one location with the intention to set up a simple way to control all the lights and boiler in my home remotely and with sensors and relays.
And when I found my devices cayenne the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.
(In a previses post I described the heating side of the unit in this one I will try to describe the lighting side)

##criteria of the lighting project
For the whole project to work in harmony in my home and not to interfere with existing switches.
Remotely control my lighting home or away.
Set timers on lights like the stairs LEDs.
Override lights such as my 10 year olds sons bedroom (when I say its bed and lights off time I mean its bed time and lights off).
Use a lux sensor to disable switches so when it’s sunny outside my son will have to get off his bum and open the blinds I like to call this child programing or adolescence automation.
Incorporate a PIR to activate the light in the garden.
Be able to activate the accent light round my TV when it is switched on.
All round safe way to control the mains voltage.

What’s Connected

In the main control unit
Raspberry pi B+
16 channel relay board
3,3v to 5v conversion board made with 14.7Ohm resister, 2N 3904 transistor
Intermediate light switches
2.5mm din rail terminals
10amp breaker
Number of scraps and second hand parts
##Changes to the home wiring
In most domestic rooms and hall ways they have a two way switching system which I have three of these in the living room, the kitchen and the stairs.
Adding a relay (a third switch) would not work so an intermediate switch is required,


I will be adding timers when I fitted the main controller

Dashboard Screenshots

##photos of my project

16 channel board

this is the coversion board beteen the pi and relay board

this is the one wire inputs for DS18B20

the controller before the spaghetti wiring

##some of the lighting in my home

Light on and off , between Cayenne app and momentary switch, for home automation by arduino

Thanks for sharing this, another excellent project. Was the TV/stair lighting installed for this project, or something you already had that you wanted to automate?


The project has been focused around the lighting in the house and it is something that is going to be used.
The staircase lighting was put in about 2 years ago and the TV lighting was just a spare of the moment thing just got up one morning and started swinging a hammer so the lights run on a socket .
the plan is to make a hall effect sensor to pick up the TV’s increase power usage when switched on.
but that’s still in the pipe line for now it will be controlled by my phone.


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