Counter and Tank Level Widgets

I have these working on the webpage but they don’t seem to be on the Android app - the channels show up, but they still look unconfirmed (Still green boxes) does anyone have any ideas?

Also the tank widget (even on the webpage) seems to have the colour ranges upside down, meaning my full values show up with the empty colours and vice versa?


Yes, we still need to provide support on the mobile apps. Mobile is catching up with some other features and then will continue to catch up with web features, like these new widgets.

Hmmm, screenshot of tank widget colour ranges upside down?


Hi sorry for the delay getting back to you, had a few things to take care of at home the past few weeks!

Here is attached image of tank…

As you can see to have it display the correct colours the options are inverted.


did you alter these values cause this is the correct way.

Hi, Sorry I’m not exactly sure what you are asking? I can see your image shows the ‘correct’ way, however I am saying I have to set my as in my image to make it work. It’s no big issue, but just thought I would highlight it and see others experience…

@paulminize in your image the tank level shows 75% as green while your settings show 75-100% as red.