Slider widget shows only two states (0 and 1) in mobile application while its OK on PC (0 to 255)


I am new to Cayenne Community.
I am also having a somewhat similar issue but with a little change.
I am using an LED on pin-11 of Arduino MEGA with W5100 ethernet shield on PWM application. The custom range of slider that i set on my PC dashboard is 0 to 255 and it works fine with PC but when it comes to android app. it shows range 0 to 1 instead of 0 to 255. That is, its either 0 or 1.
Any help on the issue would be really appreciable.




Pretty sure it’s a known bug with the Android app, there are definitely issues with sliders at the moment. @rsiegel is that right?


There are issues with MQTT Sliders generating an error message whenever toggled, but in theory Arduino ones should work.

I do see that there is an issue with the slider ending up with a range of 0-1 when created with a different custom range from web. It should be possible to edit it on the Android side and add the correct range, however.


Thanks for the feedback!
I must add that when i open properties of slider in Android app and turn the ‘Custom Range’ ON i do not see any option to save the settings. While its not like that in other widgets. There is always a SAVE button.
This might be the reason in my view.