Creat you own "Cayenne App" with Thunkable (Android & IOS)

Make a simple App with Cayenne Extension FOR BEGINNERS :
This is a simple App : clic a GET buton to display data of the sensor. Made with Neoxelox Cayenne extension. Cayenne Extension for Thunkable/AI2/AppyBuilder NEW:[V2]

  • open your
  • creat or download my Thunkable exemple CayenneApp.aia
  • change/put your DeviceID & Sensors ID , Cayenne email & Password
  • you can test your app in live on your phone or/and creat an APK to install in your phone (Android)
  • Finaly : change color, add sensor, timer, to periodicaly refresh data , and more … :wink:

what you get finaly

This is the “advanced” get data sensor. in “disable block” : the simple get data.

Try and test :slight_smile:



Here is the simplest code with Neoxelox extension.



for actuator Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable


Hey, thanks for the effort, i was wondering how are you able to get the cayenne1 function.

is it possible you update the link for the program, the link is down. thank you

you can follow this tutorial How to access Cayenne API using Insomnia, Node-red and Thunkable
Though we are going to discontinue cayenne API shortly.

Whenever i try to run this program i get the error ( for input string: ERROR! PLEASE FILL THE GAPS!).
i also tried the program without the extension and i still get the same error.
However, when i tried to follow this tutorial

i get the error of android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException.

Help will be appreciated.

We are going to stop the cayenne API shortly. so you can stop using it.