Cayenne Cloud API - Controlling Actuators

Hi, I’m currently developing my first Android mobile App using Cayenne API, and my question is how do I use the Cayenne API to manipulate my Actuators? such as adjusting the brightness of my LED? there’s a tutorial on github about remote controlling the device and changing the values, but when I click on the link it’s probably expired because it’s giving an invalid upstream response (403).

BTW, here’s the link that i’m referring to: Cayenne API - Sample Application

Links are broken for me too. @bestes can you look in to that? @Neoxelox has a good tutorial over here but I’m not seeing anywhere that he explains how to send commands to the device, just read from it. Maybe he can update his tutorial if he knows how to do it?

Look at the last part of my post
EDIT: I mean my first post about Cayenne API, not the one that Adam posted

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Forgive me for being such a newbie but how do I open the .aix extension?

the extension is for app builders as thunkable or app inventor 2.

For beginners try this : Creat you own "Cayenne App" with Thunkable (Android & IOS)