Creating non-persistent Widget with a name

I’m looking into using the Java Paho MQTT library to publish data and subscribe to actuators. I am able to create a temperature widget and it shows the Thermometer icon and shows Fahrenheit at the bottom. However the name just shows “Channel 4”, since I’m creating it on channel 4. Is there a way to send the Widget Name and number of decimal points in the MQTT publish message.

Right now I send: “temp,f=72”

Is it possible to add more information for Widget Name and # of decimal points? I can’t find any information in documentation about this.


Hi @barryhannigan and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

You should be able to configure both the widget name and the number of decimal points through each widget’s Settings menu on the Cayenne web dashboard. Right now there is no way specify these values from the MQTT code itself to set them at widget creation time.

OK, thank you for the reply. I was just curious if I could create a temporary widget from my device with all the information filled out. Perhaps some day that will be a feature.

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