Widget Icons in settings

I am transmitting Humidity data to Cayenne through MQTT, which all works, and it auto-populates with the little water droplet icon in the widget the first time I transmit data. I assume it chooses the water droplet 'cause I have specified the type as %rh, which makes sense. But when I modify any parameters of the widget through settings, it only gives me five icons to choose from, and if I don’t choose any it defaults back to the “valve” icon, which is first in the list. Once I make any changes, I can’t get the water droplet icon back? What I am missing?

Did you modified the “Data” parameter?

No changes to the data, just modified settings in widget and icon changes, but only five options for icons in pull-down window

Hi @SensorGuy, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I see what is going on here, I just need to talk over with the our Product team how we’re going to proceed.

Long story short, we have a whole slew (like 50+) of new icons basically ready to go live into Cayenne. But they shouldn’t be appearing just yet. This is why they are missing from the menu, and lost when you make any change to the widget.

Technically it’s a bug that they are appearing like this when you pass data through the MQTT API in the first place, but they are basically ready to go. So rather than hide what you’re seeing on widget creation, I’m angling to get them ‘officially’ added so you can have fun with these new icons :slight_smile:

I’ll update as soon as I know more, and when that might happen.


Thank you for the quick response. Ok, I understand, will wait for an update, in meantime, I’ll just choose the generic gauge icon. No big deal, I assumed I was doing something wrong, that’s why I asked. Another quick question, is there a changelog/update page that documents what/when cayenne is updated? i.e., revx.xx was deployed on xx/xx/xxxx with features yyy?

all the icons are now available in drop-drown menu. Thank you!


Glad you liked it!