'Customer' mode permissions level

I’ve got a switch input Pi & a relay output Pi, both with 3G USB modems (so the Pi IP address is NATd by the telco). I want the switch input Pi to control the relay O/P Pi with graphing of the on/off transitions on a website my customer can access to see the graphs & force the output Pi either on or off (ie over ride the input-output linkage temporarily) but not change anything else. Does Cayenne have a ‘customer’ mode that offers this sort of predefined limited access?


There’s not really a “customer mode” available yet. You can set up an account for the customer but that obviously wouldn’t stop the customer from adding/changing widgets on the account. I agree it’s a good idea to add in user permissions per account. I want to eventually get some lights around the house set up using Cayenne and allow my wife to connect with her phone to control them too.


@kris @adam Permissions level is definitely on the roadmap of features we’ll be developing! Hang in there :slight_smile:



Bringing this up.
I’ve got idea for this topic…

How about to implement this levels of access to projects:

  • public (read-only)
  • private (read-only for invitee)
  • restricted (read-only for invitee, read/write for invitee with password)
  • private only (just project owner can access it, and it is default setting)

I guess it can be done fast, but as I don’t know complexity of Cayenne source, I can’t claim that.
IMHO, this could satisfy most users, except most advanced ones who need/want more leveled access rights…

EDIT: one more thing: public access could also “strip” all buttons, just to show data, not allowing switching… Just an idea…