Data logger, multiple trigger chain, API to access device/sensor


I spend several days looking to other iOT services and seems cayenne is more device friendly but several functions to expand usability may be added:

  1. Data logger - this function is nicely built on - and i miss a lot similar function here.
  2. Multiple trigger chain/logic - just imagine you have PIR, Lux sensors and Relay 220v to control light. You willing have light on only when Lux is lower when value X and motion is detected. You can have code for this in device - but what if you like have full control here? Impossible now - only single trigger offered.
  3. API - same has nice API access devices/sensors via web to integrate in what ever solutions you have. This function here expands a lot possibilities for integration.


I agree data logging and triggers could use an upgrade. After MQTT and some bug fixes maybe we’ll see that happen :slight_smile: As far as the API MQTT is being release hopefully this week so that may give you want you want there,


Hi @viktoras,

First of all, all of ideas to expand usability are on our roadmap! Absolutely we plan to do data logging and also facilitate easy way to do multiple trigger chain logic. Regarding the API, we just Beta released the Cayenne MQTT API! Do you think you could try it out and see what you think? Interested to know :slight_smile: