Data transfer from dashboard to arduino with frequent loss of connexion

Hi there,

I’m using cayenne and arduino to communicate with a solar system controller, getting data from it and setting parameters.

I’m using the ethernet shield on the arduino not only to communicate with cayenne but also with the solar controller, so my arduino is not always able to receive the data from the dashboard as it may be busy for something esle.

So when I set a parameter on the dashboard, the arduino can’t always get it, as it is sometimes connected to the solar controller and not to cayenne. I would need my arduino to get the parameter from the dashboard once it reconnects.

I found that the mqtt protocol could be used in QoS 2, meaning that the broker would keep the message from the emitter as long as the receiver does not confirm the good reception, I think it may be helpful in my case, but I could not find out how to use this mode.

Thank you for any help !

the retain flag is currently not implemented in our broker.

Do you have any idea about the way I could solve my problem? Is it possible to set a parameter on the dashboard without connexion and get it in my arduino board once the connexion is established?

Thank you!

How long is it? and what is it doing during this time?

A few seconds: my arduino gets the connexion to the solar controller, gets the data from it, then goes back to cayenne, write the data on the dashboard, and carries on. I would like it to get parameters from the dashboard and write it in the solar controller.

I guess I can’t get the connexion with the solar controller and with cayenne open simultaneously?

well, did you try if you receive data from cayenne after a few seconds?