DC motor speed control using Arduino


DC motor speed control using Arduino and Cayanne

This is a simple tutorial about dc motor speed control over internet. DC motor is interfaced with Arduino through TIP122 transistor to avoid high current from Arduino. Arduino PWM is used to control speed. Duty cycle is controlled through slider widget of cayenne which is very easy to use.

What’s Connected

I have used following things:

  1. Aduino
  2. Ehernet shield
  3. DC motor
  4. DC motor interfacing circuit

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

##Video demonstration


Love it when a video is submitted along with the project!

Can you share the code you used? :slight_smile: I know people will be asking, it’s a great project.

Keep up the good work! And let us know of any other projects you are creating.



yes I will share code also and I will also share more projects in next week :slight_smile:
thanks for appreciation :slight_smile: