Debug Widget

When we creat a device talking to Cayenne, it’s fabulous when its working well for the first time : so happy !
BUT when it’s a fail, how to know what is the problem ? The great Cayenne Community :wink: ?

With Arduino (or other) we got the “serial monitor” very helpfull to debug prototype !
But with cayenne EU ?

I suggest a “Debug monitor Widget” : look like a window that show all messages incomming and outcomming on the Cayenne project.

What do you think about ?

I’m not clear what you mean by cayenne EU? But if you are running the Raspberry Pi agent, we have some logs (myDevices.log and webiopi.log) at /var/log/ which can help to debug. With MQTT connected devices, you should be able to see the output from their agent and code in debug messages as desired as well. If you have LoRa device, we are working on a Data Stream widget which will show you raw payload values to help you debug, much like what you’re proposing here.

Until that time if you need help debugging a LoRa issue, just make a thread here and we can help with our logs if provided with the DevEUI for the problem device.

Sorry i wanted to say : cayenne Dashboard

i’m using ESP-01 (8266) with arduino sketch. Arduino got “serial monitor” to debug the program.
Does Cayenne got similar to display the incoming and outcomming messages ?

The goal is to see if the messages exchanged are well received, in the right form …

I agree it would be great to see this. A text widget has been discussed but it is still on the road map for now.