Deleting extensions


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Rpi 2 B

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When adding generic widget to dashboard to read voltage thru mcp3008 noticed there are 2 mcp3008 selections showing. Somehow I must have added 2. Under gpio ce1 showing 2 but the tutorial has that line running to ce0. I chose one chip for one widget and the other chip for second one. Neither show a reading.

Is there a way to delete both mcp3008 and start over?

My goal is to use voltage dividers to bring down the voltage so I can read solar panel and battery voltage.


yes, you can-
CE1 and CE0 are “CHIP ENABLE”- or chip selectors, allowing (2) MCP3008 on a single SPI bus. USUAULLY, CE0 is used- but certainly, both can be used. The line going to the desired chip is pulled LOW.

If you click on “settings” in the devices’ WIDGET icons upper right corner (using the HTML page), there will be a “delete” button towards the bottom of the HTML page.

I’m not sure using the IoS app-


I don’t think you can remove a MCP3008, I did the same mistake with two of them and to get around it I removed the device instead and added it again. :blush:


Oh, yeah- it’s an “Extention”…

you CAN remove an analog SENSOR on the MCP3008- here’s a picture of the “remove sensor” button on my MCP3008.

…BUT, -to remove the entire EXTENTION…without resetting the dashboard…still checking… I’ll bet @adam knows for sure…


Aha! Web browser! I’ll try it.