Can't add Widget RPi4 Raspbian 10


I am on a brand new RPi4 Model B 4GB, running the latest build of Raspbian and I am having trouble trying to add a Widget for a Analog to Digital Converter, Specifically the MCP 3008. When I try to add the MCP it does not give me the option to used the drop down menu “Select Device”, it is disabled. I have watched other’s videos and they are able to select different options. I have three separate and identically Pi’s connected and all of them have the same problem. I configured each of them through the SSH commands to connect to Cayenne and the GPIO functions are working fine from the GPIO menu.

you need to use GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-mcp3xxx: An MCP3XXX extension plugin for Cayenne

Thanks, I’ll try this out. It would have been helpful if this was documented somewhere or if Cayenne just pulled down the plugin automatically similar to the set up for the Pi.

thanks, we will do it for sure in future.