Device offline every other day or so


I am having issue with device offline message when I log in .I have to power off the arduino to reset it. Anyway to resolve this? I read a thread on here title"Device offline in cayenne"sounded like I might need to reinstall cayenne.Not sure .Thanks


What type of connection are you using? MQTT or regular?


If it is MQTT connectivity, we’d especially want to know, since we believe Wednesday’s hotfix but a stop to that. If it is Arduino connectivity (with the authentication token), then it would be good to see the output from your serial monitor in the Arduino IDE when the disconnects occur. You can leave it running and paste the whole thing if you’re not sure when its going to happen.


Im not sure what type of connection .Where do I find info? thanks


Hi @convertiblehaus,

My guess is you are probably not using MQTT connection :slight_smile:

Have some time for a quick call? If you have some time over next days I’d love to get on a Skype or Google Hangout w/ you to talk Cayenne stuff…

You can pick a date/time here: .



Very busy with work will contact soon! I think I found the reason for offline message,One of the relay widgets or the trigger linked to it was possibly causing the offline problem.When I reset the arduino by powering off the one relay was turning on for a half a second when plugged back in . I deleted widget and remade it and seems to be good now. havnt set triggers yet .Hope thats it


Hi @convertiblehaus,

Glad to hear that things are working for you more recently. If you encounter connectivity issues with your Arduino again (or have since your last post here), I’d like to recommend you try following this tutorial I just wrote up on how to convert your sketch file from our Cayenne Arduino Library to Cayenne Arduino MQTT.

We believe this MQTT connectivity is more stable and fault-tolerant than our original Arduino connectivity and would be interested to hear if you see that as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance with converting your code following the steps in that post!