Does it possible to use Raspberry Pi with DHT22 on Cayenne

I try to using Raspberry Pi DHT22 on Cayenne but I’m not found DHT22 sensor
let me know if it working with DHT22
and tell me how to make it work
Thank you so much.

Same question here please! Cayenne looks fantastic btw!

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Hi @infernal-slam @j.ben.griffin,

Yikes! This topic slipped past me, sorry for the late response here. So you can easily read data from the DHT11 sensor through an Arduino board. For the Raspberry Pi, we don’t support DHT11 at this time, but we have plans to in the future.

Are you able to use an Arduino?


Sadly not, and it is actually a DHT22 that I need to use. My apologies for
that! It looks like if I want to do this project I am going to need to do
so through arduino. In the mean time I will keep an eye out for updates
that allow me to do this.