Doubts in Data download


I cannot able download specific date from the dashboard,
Even I download some data from dashboard how can i convert the data time to indian standard time.
Let me know how to solve it?


have a look at this UTC time convert to IST time


But i already tried this conversion formula “=(5.5*3600+MID(A2,17,2)*3600+MID(A2,20,2)*60+MID(A2,23,2))/(24 * 3600)”
even it does not work


how to convert this to indian standard time?

and how to download last 3 days data? i set proper date and time in dashboard but i receiving last 1 or 2 hours data??
how to resolve it??


it is very well described in the above post on how to convert UTC time to IST.
to download data for the last 3 days you, you need to select the appropriate filter option. In your case, select data view for last 7 days.