Data Dump Date and Time Blob format


Thought occurred to me would be nice if the date and time blob of txt was friendlier to opening in XL as a meaningful time and date stamp ?
Or is this format already standard and my xl sooooo out of date ?
~ Andrew

this format is standard as we have to maintain one timezone across the globe. you can check this topic out UTC time convert to IST time - #5 by muthukumar7103

It’s a JavaScript date string. There all all kinds of functions you can use with it. If you open up your browser console and type in console.log(new Date("2019-02-12T21:36:05.273Z").toLocaleDateString()) or console.log(new Date("2019-02-12T21:36:05.273Z").toLocaleTimeString()) it will give you some more useful strings. I’m assuming what would be useful to you is console.log(new Date("2019-02-12T21:36:05.273Z").getTime() / 1000) which is a unix timestamp.

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Thanks for the explanation and the work around is good :slight_smile:
So =(-6*3600+MID(A2,17,2)*3600+MID(A2,20,2)*60+MID(A2,23,2))/(24 * 3600) etc formula will do the trick. I dont mind the UTC and or converting if needed. My thought was that since the data from plots etc falls so nicely out into students spread sheets that having a format that XL can digest = ‘Format > Cells > Time’ or ‘Format > Cells > Date’ might be nice ?
I am happy enough as is but just a thought for a future refinement that the dump from plots widget might do this and leave the JavaScript date string for the slightly techier data querry buttons.
Happy to leave this as a suggestion or thought for now
Thanks for prompt reply.
~ Andrew

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