DS1820 1wire to RS232 to USB


Hi, is posible connect temperature sensor DS1820 using rs232 to USB converter?

I hawe this homemade converter: http://obrazki.elektroda.pl/4894452000_1311707607.gif


HI @michal.chvala,

I assume this would then on the USB side be connected to a computer like a PC or Mac and not a Raspberry Pi or Arduino (which have GPIO ports and thus could take the DS18B20 sensor directly)? Once you have the sensor connected and passing data to your computer, you can publish it to Cayenne via our MQTT API.


no i need connect usb to serial converter to raspberry pi (no GPIO) is thist posible?


So long as you have the Raspberry Pi connected to Cayenne via some sort of network connection, you should be able to publish the data coming into the Pi (from whatever source, whether it is a GPIO sensor or some sensor hooked up to one of the Pis USB ports) to Cayenne via the MQTT API