DS18B20 reads 33.8° constantly

Continuing the discussion from Arduino Uno + DS18B20 temp sensor:

Welcome to the Cayenne Community! I hope you don’t mind I opened a new discussion for your challenge as the original one had been marked ‘helped’.

Could you provide a little more information- what hardware (RPi, Arduino, ethernet, wifi, etc.), any code you may be using, and photos and screen grabs are always helpful.

Again, welcome,


Thanks Ian, I have to work 16 hours today I’ll get everything together in a day or so.

Take your time, be safe in what you do, and we’ll try to sort things out later.


I got off this morning and went to hp load everything and I realize my problem. I changed VIRTUAL_PIN V1 to V5 and changed tmpPin = 2 to 5 as well. Then it started working when I moved the input to pin 5.

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Great to hear!

It is amazing what you ‘see’ after taking a break from a problem.

May I mark this as helped, even though you did all the work?


Plz. And thanks for your time. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of more questions soon.

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