How to configure the temperature sensor DS18B20

Dear sirs,

I´m writing asking for your help in order to know how to configure my temperature sensor.

I have just bought the temperature sensor model “DS18B20”, I have realized how to conect the sensor to get the readings (CELSIUS) due to some comments in the community.

But unfortunately the reading I have is -17.78 Celcius when the ambient temperatura is about 25º more or less.

It seems there is something wrong, maybe the only thing that I need to know in order to do the sensor works properly is how to calibrate it.

Please, could you help to close this issue?

Thanks so much for time!

Hi @ignaciogomizceldran,

Could you share the code you are using to send the temp data to Cayenne, as well as the settings for the widget you’ve created on the Cayenne Dashboard to display this temp data? I’m presuming this is on Arduino?

That should allow us to see where the problem might be. Feel free to remove your Cayenne token when posting your code.

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