ESP in DeepSleep receiving Data From Cayenne?

I am working on a battery power project (Cayenne connectivity to an iSpindle beer refractometer ). The project requires an ESP8266 to run for about 28 days. It will currently wake out of deep sleep, send data to Cayenne and return to deep sleep for about 15-30 minutes to conserve battery power.

The ESP8266 will be inside a beer fermenter which need to be air locked during the 28 days. No wires can be connected to it since it will influence its flout tilt in the brew.

It will however be useful to send data back to the ESP8266 via slider and buttons. I do understand that this will require the cayenne cloud to store the data that it needs to send to the ESP8266 until the ESP8266 is back online. Hope this will be possible.

My project will be open source.

i could suggest going for Lora device where the NS can queue the message when the device comes online for the uplink.

I have a good example of deep sleep here Battery Powered ESP8266 Temperature/Humidity Monitor with DHT11

You can skip the CayenneMQTTWiFiClient.h modifications if you notice your device never has problems connecting.