Correct DeepSleep with myDevices based on ESP8266, ESP32

Hi All,
how to solve situation with Low power sensors using DeepSleep mode (ESP8266, ESP32) and serving Cayenne communication ? I’m using DeepSleep for for saving battery power, but when I open my dashobard, I see status line, that device is offline, my iOS app is announcing commenication error, but data are correctly sent to Cayenne cloud and displayed. Probably the issue is, that during DeepSleep mode Cayenne server don’t receive any requests from my sensor. Do you knoy some workaround, how to correctly serve sensor in DeepSleep mode withour announcing lost conection or server error ?


When the eps8266 enter deep-sleep it will loose connection with server and device will show offline.
have a look at this Battery Powered ESP8266 Temperature/Humidity Monitor with DHT11 - #17 by adam

OK. That means, offline status for sensor is normal behaviour, if I understand correctly.

Yes, during deep sleep mode. If you want to have the device online always you have to keep the device and the server always connected.

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