ESP8266-12E_DHT11_Sensor | Brazilian Portugues lenguage

About This Project

Mede a temperatura e umidade de um local.

Neste tutorial você aprendera de uma forma pratica e documentada com informação detalhada, e vídeo de apoio, como começar a entrar no fascinante mundo da internet das coisas, IoT usando um sensor de umidade e temperatura, DHT11, e visualizando os dados através de gauges, desde que qualquer parte do planeta sempre que tiver uma conexão a a internet, desde um dispositivo qualquer, tablet, smartphone usando uma APP gratuita, ou computador.
Mas meu verdadeiro proposito é que voce aprenda a usar os recursos deste maravilhoso website de IoT, desejo bons projetos a todos no Cayenne

In this tutorial you will learn in a practical and documented way with detailed information and video support, how to start entering the fascinating world of the internet of things, IoT using a humidity and temperature sensor, DHT11, and visualizing the data through gauges, Since any part of the planet whenever you have an internet connection, from any device, tablet, smartphone using a free APP, or computer.
But my real purpose is that you learn to use the resources of this wonderful IoT website, I wish you good projects on the Cayenne

What’s Connected

Usando, ESP8266-12E, Sensor DHT11 alguns jumpers

Use ESP8266-12E DHT11 sensor, some jumpers

Triggers & Alerts

Eu usei um trigger que envia um e-mail se a temperatura esta acima dos 25 graus.

I used a trigger that sends an email if the temperature is above 25 degrees.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

Link para baixar o projeto completo

Link to download the complete project


Espero que desfrutem.

I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you for sharing this @kwiek! I know the Cayenne community will find the DHT11 code useful :slight_smile:



Thank you Benny for making this great platform Cayenne available to all of us!



:ngái ngủ:ngái ngủ:

Please see new mensage I am let for you in my post.

Please download the document I made for you by clicking on the link below, in it I explain what you should do to compile the code correctly.

I hope this solves, please let me know if you succeeded.

Thank you

I followed your youtube. but do not report on gmail subscription. help me


To receive email from the Cayenne, you need to enable authorization in your account to receive email from less secure places, see here how to do this.

After enabling this in your configuration you will be able to receive emails from Cayenne as in my video.

Please let us know if it worked.


You are welcome!



Can he help me write code for pir hc-sr501 … I programmed it to receive data but can not send sms and gmail.

Sorry but I do not understand what you mean, please try to explain better what is happening.

I asked if I need to download pir hc-sr501 library not him

Please see attach. in thhe link bellow



anh gởi link giúp tôi với

Vâng, tôi đã gửi nó ngay bây giờ

Với PDF này tôi tin rằng bạn sẽ hiểu, bạn không cần một mã, chỉ cần làm theo các hướng dẫn


If your ESP8266-12E is connected and connected to the Cayenne, it should appear where your yellow arrow is, so you can choose the device.

Nếu chiếc ESP8266-12E của bạn được kết nối và nối với Cayenne, nó sẽ xuất hiện ở nơi có mũi tên màu vàng của bạn, vì vậy bạn có thể chọn thiết bị.