ESP8266 and MQTT, Android app

Hi guys,

First of all thanks for creating this awesome platform for all of us!

I recently started testing the ESP8266-12 with DHT22 and DS18B20 sensors over MQTT. I’m using your ESP8266 library from github. The devices and sensors are sending info fine, but for some reason the data is not being logged in cayenne? Also I can’t see the devices in the Android app? Why is that? I’ve noticed the “C” icon is grey, maybe ESPs library is in beta?


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Hi @dreamingdies,

It’s great that you have the ESPs rolling over MQTT! Unfortunately, data logging over MQTT is not yet implemented.

The development teams are hard at work building stuff for customers, stuff that we in the maker community will be direct benefactors of.

These features are definitely on the back log though, and will be implemented “soon”.