Events agent 2.0


When can we expect to have the schedule option back in the 2.0 agent version

I use it for a relays to go on and off at configured time frames

in version 1 it was available and I need it as a pond control system.

Thanks in advance.


sorry @yves.deschoenmaekers cannot give an ETA, but team is working on it to get it our as soon as possible.


is there a eta for the scheduler in agent 2,as I use it in version 1 but this will be retired in a few weeks and my pond is relying on it

I don´t understand that you retire version1 as version2 doesn´t provide at least the same feathers



Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA yet. We had hoped to get the new agent out without these limitations, however we were in a time constraint to get the MQTT protocol out, so we can start developing the platform even further. The old agent requires a lot of resources, and it is not sustainable keeping it supported.

It wasn’t an easy decision and one we didn’t make lightly, but we have to move forward with development and supporting new devices and features. We will bring back this feature for sure. Thanks for understanding.