Cannot set up events on a relay! Actions are limited to shutdown/reboot

I’m using a Raspberry PI 3 with an 8-relay board connected to the GPIO as a simple sprinker control unit.
I’m using the Web dashboard.
I’ve added 5 Valve Switch Actuators, which work regularly when manually activated.

I’m trying to set up the scheduler in order to program a daily routine.

However the web interface is not allowing me to set the proper action.
The only available actions are Reboot/Shutdown even if I choose the proper widget:

Am I doing anything wrong?

Also, I’d like to know some details about the scheduler: is the scheduler programming downloaded locally to my raspberry? What happens if the internet link goes down during event time activation?

Scheduler is not currently supported by agent 2.0 Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

Thanks for your reply. I’ll have to wait for it to be implemented then…

I know the programming is on its way. any idea how long it will take?

can not give an ETA.

When will the scheduler be fixed

We have some new major updates coming at the end of the year, a workaround for time being is to add a device using BYOT.
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