Extract data in excel format

Dear, I have a problem extracting the data collected on your platform. I would like to extract all the data in excel format, however, in addition to the slowness of the system to load the data and the inability to view the same in certain periods that I set through the custom option, if I try to export the data it creates an unusable excel file in when all the data (probe name, value, unit of measurement, etc.) are entered in a single cell, making it impossible to use the data in a manageable way. How can I do?

can you share a screenshot of it.

As you can see, in the bottom left the file is in a unknown format… one time it was an excel.

that is a csv format. you can google search how to convert csv in excel.

You should be able to right click the file and do open with excel. As Shramik said it should be csv format which should open file in excel.