How to read data from DS18B20 Temp Probe

Hi, I have addedd a “waterproof” type DS18B20 temperature to my raspberry pi project, and its early days, but seems to work with Cayenne very well. What I can’t find out is, when I ask Cayenne to download the historical data to my hard drive, my PC can’t regognise the file format and hence, I can’t open it. Anybody know the secret of reading the temperature data gathered in this way. And how long does it go back in time does it collect the data from requesting it ?
a day before
a week before
a month ???

you can download data for last one month. The download file is an excel file and you will need to have microsoft excel to open it.

Hi Shramik, Excellent, now working and I can see all thats been happening. IS there a way where I can just extract Temp, Time and date ?
Its ok if not, I can edit it, at least I have what I need. Thanks again, you’ve been a great help.

on top right of the widget you will see a graph icon, on clicking on it you will have a chart display of that widget. You will have option download chart data. This way you can only download data for a particular widget.

Thanks for this.
When I opened the excel file, it showed information I didn’t need.
Is there a way I can edit what data is downloaded so all I get downloaded is what I need Shramik? Thanks again

no, then you will have to edit the excel file.

Hi, that’s what I thought, but it’s ok at least I have the information I need.
Thanks again

well, you can search google for that. Here is an example on how to convert the timezone in excel UTC time convert to IST time

Hey, thanks, this will be really useful actually
I’m still amazed how helpful you have been, I’ll go and give this a try.

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