Extracting value from list

Probably making this way harder than it needs to be but if I have the following code

that produces the list shown below, how do I extract and print JUST the number behind “Reservoir Elevation”? Its that number that changes whenever the script is run and I want to send that number to the dashboard

Thanks in advance

use json.loads() which returns the dictionary and then get the value with the key.

Thanks Shramik - I tried using json.loads() but it throws an error - the JSON object must be str, bytes, or bytearray. I dont know how to get around this error so that I can get Results to return a dictionary

are you using it on data or obj?

I went back and revisited the code - was able to get json loads to work which allowed me to get the value associated with reservoir elevation in index 7 - exactly what I needed

Thanks Shramik