[Fixed] Android app crashes after 10-20 seconds

When reporting bugs, it’s most helpful if you can include:

  • Android device info (e.g. Nexus 6P)

  • Raspberry Pi device info (e.g. Pi 2 w/ Raspbian Jessie version 02/26)

Any time you can, please send us screenshots showing your issue on the device or highlighting your feedback. Screenshots are very helpful!

Not sure what issue is. We get crash reports so we should be able to solve next week. If it keep occurring, can you try re-install and try again?

OK I am gonna wait till next week. I tried re-installing again. The problem remains.

We’ve just released an updated build. Think you can download the update (should ask you in-app) and try again?

If still doesn’t work, can you uninstall the existing app, then re-install?



Thanks Benny.

I installed the new version and it doesn’t crash anymore.

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