Crashes all the time

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    Im using the device to auto and manual switch lights on and off.
    When im using the android app after a while the system crashes and says that it is of line.
    I have to manualy reboot to work again.
    Sometimes im losing from the android app all the names and widgets.

Thank you

Hi @integral,

Are you saying that the Android App itself is crashing, or your Pi is losing connectivity to the platform?

Im not sure which one is crashing first.
I can say that in 10 times that im using the android app the 8 times the app is crashing and i have to restart the device.

Ok, but you are seeing an Android crash message? Like this, but for Cayenne of course:

At that point you have to restart your Android phone to get the app to stop crashing?

If so, can you tell me what model is your phone, and what Android OS your phone is running?

A good first troubleshooting step would be to clear the app’s cached data on your phone. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings > Application Manager
  2. Locate the Cayenne app in the applications list and tap it.
  3. Press ‘FORCE STOP’ to close the app if it is still running
  4. Tap ‘CLEAR DATA’ and OK to confirm. This will also clear the cache.

On next launch of the Android app you’ll have to re-login. If the app crashing still persists, my next guess would be some state of the devices/widgets on your account. If that’s the case I’d be interested if you could PM me your login credentials so I can try to reproduce on our side / locate the offending data.