Gauge Units - How do get kPa instead of mA for a 4-20mA pressure sensor?

I’ve got a Dragino LT-22222 on TTN and sending my data to Cayenne. So far so good.
But I’d like to see my 4-20mA sensor displaying in the correct units, eg presssure, rather than mA.
What is the recommended way to get things to display in meaningful units?

To me the obvious thing would be to have a setting in the gauge or chart do the conversion, but I dont see any such options…

sorry, but you cannot change the unit as that the default widget that is produced for that device.

That’s a bit disappointing! viewing things in mA is not much use to anyone!

well, the LT-2222 has analog current Input , analog voltage input , hence we add the widget as current and voltage.

yes, but you are going to connect a pressure sensor or a velocity sensor to it, and you want to see the signal in its units not in mA or V :frowning:

the value shown by the device, is it pressure value or the current value of the pressure sensor?

@steven.grobler You can actually do this on our IoT in Box application, which is our commercial application. Since Cayenne is a free platform, and mainly community supported, there is limited customization.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to give you a demo on our commercial app and talk about our white label program.

many thanks for the offer, but this is just a hobby project so I’ve got no money to spend :frowning:
I can do it via Thingspeak instead…

The sensor connected to the current input of the LT-22222 - in this instance - is a pressure sensor. So for a 600kPa sensor, 4mA = 0kPa, 20mA = 600kPa. I tried to do the scaling in the TTN decoder, but it looks like Cayenne ignores that. I’m a newby on this stuff, so maybe there are other ways of doing this at the TTN end?
To me the simplest thing from a Cayenne user’s perspective would be to have an conversion equation on the widget where you could specify, for example, kPa = (mA-4)*600/16.

In the meantime I’ve done the conversion in the TTN decoder and Thingspeak revceives the data in kPa directly.