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I am using Cayenne LPP to send data from an air quality sensor that returns Total Volatile Organic Compounds and eCO2 in ppb and ppm. Seeing that the Cayenne LPP doesn’t have the appropriate types I figured I’d use the luminosity type (uint16_t) and then later just pretty up the icon and the units in the dashboard. I can edit the Widget Name but the units are restricted to 4 types. It seems strange that there is not an option to just put in a unit such as ppb or ppm.

Am I missing something or is the dashboard restricted only these units?


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I know that there was an unofficial workaround with MQTT where you can specify what you want to show up but that doesn’t help you with LPP.

Just change Unit Type in your code to be ppm and Type Value to co2 instead of lux, delete existing lux channel and dashboard will change to it when next data is sent.

@Agroelektronik in cayenne LPP we don’t have data type ppb or ppm. Cayenne Docs
@bborncr you can give a try with analog sensor type and see if that provides you to change it in the dashboard.

:+1: Did not noticed lpp

Thanks! The analog input type has a range of +/- 327.68. The range of my values go from 0 to 10000+ so they don’t fit.

I saw that the Cayenne LPP encoder library had a limited set of types but I thought perhaps that the decoder would support more. I manually injected some other types such as co2 but no go. Perhaps the problem could be in the “The Things Network” decoder. I am guessing that the pipeline is like this (please confirm):

mynode(binary)-->ttn(converted to json)-->myDevices(receives json via MQTT?)

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I created a test node and it appears that the TTN-Cayenne Integration is not via the MQTT API. I figured I could changed the Payload Format from Cayenne to Custom and send my own info like this but no go, it appears to only work with Cayenne selected.

      temperature_1: 23.56,
      co_2: 56,
      co2_3: 478

I’ll keep investigating…

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