Graph overlay possible and combined "if then"

Hi ,
I am a newbee and have 3 questions.
I use cayenne on a Raspberry 3 and it’s great.
Question 1:
Is it possible to overlay 2 graphs in one? This would be great because I have a heating with oil and some solarpanels.
seeing what happens at the same time will be a greate feature.
Question 2:
I could not find any chance of calculation: e.g. the heating is sending 60 deg. celsius warm water into the house and getting back 35 deg. water. so It would be great to have a graph with the heating quantatie in calories.
Question 3:
Right at the moment I can add a trigger if a=60 deg. then close valve 1,
but it would be mich nicer if I can do a much complexer trigger e.g. if than else or something like:
if a= 60 and b = 70 only then close valve1
Thanks for all and have a nice weekend
Wulf from Germany

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All great suggestions! To answer your question, right now overlaying graphs is not possible.

As far as your other questions, we don’t have the ability to run calculations (beyond unit conversions) on the data in typical raspberry Pi widgets. We are adding custom code support on the Pi side that should allow this in the future. You could connect the Pi via the MQTT API instead of the ‘Raspberry Pi’ dashboard option and send calorie data calculated on the Pi to Cayenne widgets this way, but MQTT widgets only have a live data graph at the moment (no history), so you’ll still need to wait before you can do exactly what you’re asking in #2. I expect that the MQTT widget history graphs will be available sooner than the Pi Custom Code feature.

One other option is an Arduino. If you can connect your sensors to one of these rather than a Pi, you’d be able to accomplish #2 today doing the calorie calculation in your Arduino sketch code and sending the result to Cayenne via a virtual pin.

For #3, multiple ‘if then’ statements are being developed as part of an improvement to the Cayenne triggers engine and you’ll be able to set those up as soon as that is released.