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Hello everyone, (I’m using the google translator so I apologize for my lexico)
I have enough knowledge of electronics but almost null in programming. In fact I’m surprised that I got to install cayenne and see that I can use it in the most basic.
My query:
I have succeeded in successfully doing several trgger if on such a GPIO comes out 1 then such a GPIO put 1, etc.
But do not be like that could do the same with a double conditioning: If in the GPIO such leaves 1 and also in the GPIO such also comes out 1, then put me the GPIO such
Would it be possible with cayenne?
Thank you in advance

Hi @zumoceba,

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re looking for triggers with multiple conditional statements, for example:

If Temp Sensor A > 22C
if Switch B == ON
if Switch C == OFF
then do Action X?

This is an upcoming improvement we have planned for Cayenne that will add a lot of power to our Triggers functionality. With our MQTT API and LoRa support out the door, we’ve turned to a large list of community requested items for development in 2017. So check back often, there will surely be an announcement on this community when we launch this feature!


Is analog scaling from the Dashboard on the backlog, preferably one that accepts a math function (y = , or selects a math function from a list and parameters in dialog boxes?

Example in this post: LM393 photoresitor - #2 by kreggly

For thermistors, an implementation of the Steinhart or Beta formulas, etc.

Load sensors are fairly linear, so linear interpolations like the photoresistor could be used, but may want to show the raw value in a settings dialog, so that a zero value can be entered in a dialog box.



I … don’t think so, we have some improvements to the slider widget to allow for better granularity or the entering of a specific value in a dialog box in the backlog (for example if you had a volume knob with settings 0 through 255, you could just type in ‘100’ instead of fiddling with a slider for an exact value). But I don’t think that’s what you’re getting at here.

I’ll definitely add it to the list, but help me understand a bit better what you’re looking for here. You want the dashboard widgets to have more options to manipulate the display of the data that comes into them from the associated sensor/device? Rather than doing that data manipulation on the device side, like in Arduino sketch code before passing the values into Cayenne?

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In the Arduino, with some savvy programming skill or good example sketches, one can pre-scale the data for display in Cayenne. However, not as easy to do in say a Raspberry Pi. If I had an analog sensor on the Pi, the analog value widget would show the digital value only. However, what I want to see is that value in more meaningful units.

I would like to see a generic analog where I can enter or select a formula from the dashboard and choose what my ADC count from 0-1024 represents. That could be a formulaic representation such as %LUX% = 100 + (%ADC% - 200) * 0.667, or for simplicity, select Linear.

Some mockups:




Much clearer now, the mockups are above and beyond :slight_smile: I’ll add an entry to our product backlog.