Hello, I’m working with Raspberry … is it possible to use GrovePi+ Shield to connect objects?

Many thanks

Hi Andrea,

As of right now, no. Although some of the components like the LED should work, given you know the GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi that’s connected to the LED. The issue is the GrovePi+ shield uses sensors that aren’t yet out of box compatible with Cayenne. I definitely see the value in GrovePi+ and Cayenne working together seamlessly.

I actually have a GrovePi+ with me…haven’t had a chance to play with it yet :frowning:


I’m sure you could farm out those duties to one of the many willing users around here :grin:.


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I would love to see grovepi usable as well. They have great sensors and so easy to put together esp for farming projects.

Hey @mase.hacker ,

We’re talking with Seeed and maybe working with them on integrating the sensors. GrovePi combined with Cayenne is quite the combination! Talk about plug and plug.



I would also love to see the GrovePi+ being integrated with all their easy-to-use sensors!

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Thanks for sharing! You and me both.