Devices using Grove shields



I looked for the grove keyword and could not find a single topic.

I plan to use grove shields with kids, initially with arduino, but later on with raspberry (once money comes).

I find the cayenne project perfect for kids not yet into programming and using it with our grove module would allow us to save on investment as we would not have to buy new equipment besides the raspberry.

Do you plan to create devices with grove modules.

could someone programming in python communicate with cayenne.

sorry if my questions seem too simple, I just discovered cayenne yesterday and still have to go through a lot of info …

thanks in advance




We’ve had much interest from educators to use Cayenne at all levels, from elementary to university.

Yes, we plan to create grove modules for this very reason. And we are also planning to allow you to program in python to communicate with Cayenne. The goal here is so that Cayenne is not a ‘blocker’ to you if you want to put sensor XXX or sensor YYY into Cayenne.

Great questions!




The other point is to have all of that in french … not for me but for the kids.

I guess it will come one day.



Yes, it will! Global settings to change language on the dashboard. (Also global settings to change the units, Metric versus U.S. Customary).






Any update concerning french translation ?

Thanks in advance



Hi Philippe,

No updates :frowning:

However, we did start a French speaking section of Cayenne, that will be run by the Cayenne French team. (Yes, we have some team members in France :slight_smile: )

You should say hi in French Cayenne