Hall effect sensor on the raspi3

can anyone help me?
I would like to attach a hall effect sensor to the dashboard.
The Idea: i would like to control a flow meter and the sensor should trigger a valve and an alarm.
best regards

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Hi @cay.kruse,

I was reviewing the backlog of posts, and realized that no one responded here, what did you need help with?


Bestes, I have what seems to be about the same question. I have a remote property with water service and WiFi. I want to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 to (1) monitor water flow, (2) alert me when the flow exceeds some amount in some amount of time, (3) allow me to view the actual flow rate and (4) allow me to activate and close a water valve. The water flow device I have is a Hall Effect type sensor. I have not selected the water valve I plan to use. Can I meet the needs of my system using Cayenne? Thanks for your help.

If you use the MQTT API you can read the sensors with a python script and then send the values to Cayenne using MQTT. Have a look here for an example DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi