Help with using switches


Hello, my name is Mariana and I am doing a project using arduino, I want to automate the lights of my house but at the same time I want to continue using a switch, I want the light to be turned on or off either using the virtual button clicking or physically through a switch. But Cayenne has no switches and I do not know how to do it. Can anybody help me please


I’m working on lighting control using the buttons and using the Cayenne.
So far it is not working correctly.


Do you mean a physical (wall) switch?
Because I’ve thought same idea, with a Light controlled by physical switch and vritual pin (IoT) for this case you have to use a commutation connection (you have to read about Electronic concepts)… like when the stairs has two interrupters, and start and end, and you can on or off in either.
In this case you can use the physical switch and a rele, in commutation connection, the rele has to be controlled via Arduino or another IoT way :wink:



Or you can use tactile (one touch) button for wall, and use the board for memorize the current state hehe, actually exists tactile switch for walls, but are more expensives, at least in my country :frowning:


I think on relay with NO and NC contacts and switch and Button on the dashboard.


Thank you so much Lauren, I´ll read more about it!