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Hello All! I am wondering if someone already figured out, how to implement really simple solution for lights controlling with Arduino/Cayenne?

My case is to be able to use momentary push buttons installed in my house in every room (as binary input) and bring them work together with Arduino/Cayennne defined push buttons and relay outputs, so the relays (lights connected to relays) will be controlled with Cayenne web/mobile device and also with the momentary push buttons at same time.
I am confused that I didnt find any solution for this, even any push button or latching relay output (meant that the relay will stay on after pressing button and will switch off after pressing the same button again). Its sad as this project seems to have really big potential, but I found only some questions and promises about implementation almost year ago and nothing else :slight_frown:

I will be really thank full for every thoughts and solutions regarding my request above.

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This is easy to do with Arduinos, and there are many boards that integrate an ESP8266 with relays.

Let me know what device you want to use, and I’m sure we can come up with some example code.

I do want to produce a potted device I can install inside a light fixture or wall plate to do this too, but haven’t got around to it.



Here’s a “software 3-way switch” setup- using Cayenne

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