Historical data lost?

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I was curious about my sensor data from last year. A few weeks ago that was no problem and I could see the data from more than half a year. Now I noticed that there is no data available for that period. Is it still on the server and not visible for me or is it really lost?

How long is the data stored on the server?

on cayenne the history data are only stored for a month.

Thank you shramik,

Very strange, I’m sure last year I could retrieve data for more than half a year. Or is it possible that data was stored in my browsers cache?

we have made some changes recently and now history data are stored only for one month.

Ah that’s it! Do you have documentation how to get the data from Cayenne into Influx database?

you can use cayenne API to get the history data.

That would be nice…but how? where can I find that API?

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That is beyond me. It would be nice if you could setup a task inside Cayenne Dashboard, to send you relevant logged data, say once a month.

well, you can download the data for each month from the cayenne dashboard and store it.

I know and I have done so, but sooner or later I will forget :slight_smile:

if you want this feature then have a look at the commercial platform Work with Us - myDevices