History Data view broken for Dragino LHT-65's humidity value in the detail-screen

I’m using a Dragino LHT-65 and the web-dashboard. The device is connected properly and values are being received for battery, temp, rssi, humdity,…

While I can see historic values for e.g. rssi, these are not available for humidity when on the “overview”-screen and then clicking on “humidity” and then the history-button.

Independent from the time value chosen for the view, the system always responds “no data available for this period”, except for the live view where one (and only one) last value can be seen.
I do not have this problem with other values, only humidty seems affected, but this is the main usecase for the LHT-65.

In the “data”-tab, one can see that values are being received and stored properly, so this seems to be a bug with the detail-view.

What’s wrong here? Please help.

The h is for hour, not history. I also have problems these days of chart data that disappear.

Interesting that I’m not the only one with the problem of data history being unavailable.
Looks like a bug, doesn’t it?

(I’m aware that “h” is for hours, “d” for days and so on.)

for me it looks like the charts are only shown for the last 24h, even if i choose longer range. “Hidden Update for payed version”?